Top Secret Nymph

I am always on the lookout for a new fly pattern, and of those I like nymphs particularly well. Streamers are cool, and as I say "big flies catch eyes," but nymphs are the true workhorse of the fly fishing world.

I tend to carry gigantic amounts of fly patterns with me when fishing with trout, mostly because I don't want to be several hours from home and not have what I need. As such, I think I found a utilitarian fly that can finally cover everything. Tied in different colors, it can be fished just below the surface as an emerger or along the bottom with a piece of split shot.

I was going to write this pattern up but there's a great video on Youtube on it. So easy to tie, try giving it a chance.

Thanks for reading, JGR

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  1. I am a sucker for a midge pattern, and yes I have way too may, but don't we all---thanks for sharing