Trucking Company Fined $75k For Hauling Asian Carp Across Border

Governments are tying hard to contain the spread of Asian carp across borders, but us humans keep getting in the way of containment.

A trucker who was hauling iced fish was stopped at the US/Canadian border for inspection, and because the cargo contained some Asian carp, the goods were looked at more closely by Canadian officials.

Evidently, the inspectors dropped a few fish into water and they came back to life just like Houdini. Thus, they weren't hauling dead fish, but live fish, a big fine if you're hauling this less than precious cargo.

How's $75k for the trucking company and $5k for the driver? Steep yes, but it sends a message.

Asian carp, stay out!


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  1. With the problem the Mid-West has been having with the Asian Carp, not stiff enough.

  2. Geesh! Keep those things away! They have ruined so many fisheries. Even locally they are in two of our rivers.