Gear Review: ENO DoubleNest Hammock

What: Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) DoubleNest Hammock and Slap Strap system
Method of Acquisition: Received from Outdoor Blogger Network to review
Pros: Solid material, good construction
Cons: 400 pound max for 2 people, but most fit within this range
Rating: 4 out of 5 thumbs up

Review: I received this particular hammock from OBN to review on my blog. Out of all the stuff that OBN kicks out to be reviewed, I chose this one in particular because it is actually a piece of gear I've been trying to add to my collection. 

Why? First and foremost, hammocks are nice to sit in, just ask Homer Simpson. Secondly, they are essential for a comfortable extended camping trip when you're either tired of sitting in a pop-up chair or on the ground. And lastly, you'll make your friends jealous when you whip this thing out.

If you're car camping, you can just about bring anything you want to sit in with you, you could even bring a couch (I've seen it). But if you're backpacking, you're at the mercy of what can be carried in a confined bag and on your back. As an avid backpacker, I've hauled all kinds of crap up the side of steep Kentucky hills because I thought it would be nice to have when I stopped to overnight, but in the end it wore me out and I've pared my gear down to the bare essentials. This hammock has made the cut.

Now that I'm married I am always looking for things to enjoy and share with my wife. This particular hammock allows us to hang in it and just spend a day being lazy, as we did during a recent trip to Kincaid Lake.

I like this hammock because I can get in and out of it easily, it compresses to a very small size and dries quickly. My wife likes it particularly well. When I first received it, I hung it up in the basement off of some support beams. I came downstairs a few days later to do laundry and I found her in it, reading a book snug as a bug in a rug.

I also like the Snap Strap system that came with the package. I believe it's sold separately, but I would suggest purchasing it with this bag as they are incredibly useful.

The Slap Straps are about as easy to use as you can get. You simply wrap them around a support and hook the hammock to it. They are long and I had no problem wrapping them around some scrub pine for our support. They also pack easily and they are light. Best of all, they have a 400 pound capacity too so you're not losing any strength. I rate the entire package as a good buy.

Thanks OBN and ENO for allowing me to test this out.

Disclaimer: The writing staff here at the JGR Dispatch was in no way obligated to give this product a good review. We remain objective in all of our writing, whether it be good or bad.

Thanks for reading!



  1. JGR
    This type Hammock would be much more comfortable than your traditional string hammock. I use to owe the string hammock and wasn't impressed. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yeah I agree, this nylon fabric is much nicer.

  2. I absolutely love my ENO hammock. Have another brand of hammock too and the slap straps make the other brand's straps look like dental floss & paperclips, comparatively.

  3. I've camped with this hammock several times. It's a great all purpose comfortable hammock. I love being able to carry it around and just hook it up anywhere. The only complaint I would have is it takes a little longer to set up the complete one link system than some other camping hammock types. I think if your wanting an all around all purpose hammock this is most definitely the one for you.