Great Collection of Carp Flies

The writers here at the JGR Dispatch are getting antsy waiting to get out and do some fly fishing for carp.

I suggested to them its important to spend some time at the vise to prepare for the upcoming season as opposed to watching basketball on television. Of course, they responded as they always do with loud boos and half empty beer bottles thrown at my head, but I think they get the point.

For a listing of great patterns check out flycarpin for a pile of nasty carp flies.

Give a looksy at all the great tiers they got over there sending in patterns. Kevin Morlock has a really goofy crawfish pattern on there, but the guy can carp so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, anything on there will catch carp. Of course, you can see that anything with dumbbell eyes and earth tones will work too.

Time to get carpin'!


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