Fishing Mountain Streams From Ian Rutter

Here's a great instructional video for those who might be looking to fish those tight mountain streams in TN or NC. This is how I learned how to trout fish: on skinny water with double nymph rigs and using a high stick nymphing technique. This technique has served me well just about everywhere else I have gone, and you will usually find me doing this or swinging streamers.

This video is put together by R&R Fly Fishing. If you are familiar with Ian and Charity Rutter, this is their shop. Visit for more information about what they are doing over there in Townsend.

As a side note: this particular video talks about using easy to attach foam football floats, but I prefer Thingamabobbers.

I feel like the foam floats pop off way too easily, especially when you're roll casting.

Good luck and hope to see everyone on the water soon. JGR


  1. JGR
    Just watched the video and love to do the high sticking. It is one of my favorite ways to nymph fish. I just purchased a 9 ft. Streamflex to do more high sticking this summer. I joined up with your group and looking forward to more great post. Thanks for joining up with Fishing Through Life. Bill

    1. No problem Bill. I like the blog and look forward to reading up on it.