“BYOK” Tygart Creek Kayak Float

I just signed up for my first kayak trip this year. I am so excited!

One part that encompasses my 2012 outdoor goals is to float some new Kentucky water and get away from the same old stuff that I do over and over again.

I'm even more excited that this trip will enable me to get some fodder for an article I'll be writing for an online magazine coming up in a few months as well. (I'll send you more notes on that when it comes closer to fruition.)

In the meantime, here is more information on what I think will be a really cool trip:

You can't beat $25 for a shuttle and guide on the water. This is going to be really sweet!

If you are close enough to make this trip let me know, it would be nice to hang out with some of my blogging friends during a fun kayak float this spring.


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  1. The spring weather makes the perfect spot for some kayaking fun. You have choices of various location as well.