Buckeye United Fly Fishers Cabin Fever Roundup

BUFF's annual fly fishing show seemed to go off without a hitch this year. There were plenty of great tiers and exhibitors to meet, see again and learn from.

It was good to see Kevin Morlock from  Third Coast Fly , Brandon Wade from  Cumberland Drifters , my new buddy Tom Gribble from  Switch and Single Handed Rods, Wayne Samson from Glenn River Fly  and Michael Schmidt from Angler's Choice. I was lucky enough to watch Mike tie, which is always neat to see a production tier at work. He could seriously crank out 3 flies to my 1 easily. 

Of course, I picked up my furled leaders (I love these things...saves money!) I also bought some new fly tying material that I was unfamiliar with including Senyo's Laser Dub. I hope to tie some of those big headed streamers that everyone is using now to catch the slabs.

For most of the day I cranked out a few patterns here and there (mostly smallmouth bunny leeches) and talked to visitors about membership to our club, the Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers. I think we did pretty well and rounded up a few new members.

I think the drawing attraction, however, was my wife who was sitting next to me patiently knitting. She was asked a million times what type of fly she was tying. You could tell she was getting flustered but I appreciate her patience!

So, it seems like the show season is wrapping up and its time to start peering out onto the horizon to pick out some places to fish. The water looks good here in Greater Cincinnati. I'm thinking I might sneak out for a few hours tomorrow morning to try some winter carping on the Licking River.


  1. these little local fly fishing shows sponsored by the local clubs are a gem. been to a few in my area as well. Great deal and opportunity to meet others and learn. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. No prob...yeah I like these too. It's a chance to see some of the stuff I typically only see online too.

  2. Good to meet you and your wife in person! We are going to terrorize some smallies this spring and early summer!

    1. Helz yeah Tom I look forward to it!