Deer Season Day 1

And now for an update on my first day of the modern gun deer hunting season in my home state of Kentucky.

My wife was supposed to join me, but she wasn't feeling well and had a ton of stuff to do for work (she's a teacher and is writing her lesson plans.) Heaven has a special place for teachers! She does look pretty mean with that rifle right?

I didn't get out of bed quite as early as I hoped to, mostly because I was just tired from the past week. I showed up at Mr K's property, the nice guy who lets me hunt his land, and started to gear up for a day in the woods.

A few things to keep in mind when you are in the deer woods in November, is that you will hunt longer if you are comfortable. That's why keeping warm, having a snack and bringing along things to keep your mind busy is so important.

Here's my field bag. I have some trail mix, my journal, a camera, two books ( I can never just concentrate on one), an electronic handheld poker game, my smart phone and a tumbler of coffee. Never, ever forget your coffee!

Another item I like to carry are hand-warmers. I like the Zippo hand-warmers the best, as it is reusable and only requires lighter fluid. These things are nice and fairly inexpensive, I would suggest giving them a try.

So, off into the deer woods!

I didn't see a lot of deer this morning, except for a few does when I was coming in. So, I kept my mind busy doing other things.

Of these, I tried screwing around with the camera and taking some photographs of my surroundings.

And I even tried my hand at some watercolor pencils. For whatever reason, I bought some watercolor pencils and a note back several years ago. I found them again and threw them into my field bag for a "just in case" kind of thing. I think it turned out fairly well!

So, I left around noon and went home for lunch. The woods were pretty loud that day with gun shots, and it seemed like people were just shooting to shoot. On my way out, I found two bucks high tailing away from the area I hunt, totally terrified. I think most of the deer were probably spooked from all the hunting pressure. The place I hunt has started to get a reputation for having deer along it, and I think people are starting to pressure it more and more. I hope it doesn't become a major issue!


  1. i like that you read, draw, play games, etc. while you hunt. :)

  2. I'm like a toddler who's parents are trying to keep them busy during Church. All I need now is a little bag of Cheerios hahaha

  3. We use Hot Hands which are disposable, one time use. I didn't realize Zippo made something like that. I'm going to check that out! Thanks for sharing!

    I am like you...I have bag full of activities for just in case. I can't sit still for 5 minutes!

  4. Looks like you kept yourself busy out there. I can't sit perfectly still for hours and not care, but i prefer to move and hunt if at all possible.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Being comfortable is very important. Nice deer rifle, what is it? good luck.

  6. Sucks that your spot is feeling the pressure!

  7. @Savage: That's the Savage 114 chambered for the 30.06 Springfield. Terrific value for a deer rifle. I love the Accu-trigger.

    @Samantha: I know, but it's bound to happen from time to time. I just hope I can put some meat in the freezer this year.

  8. @LB No problem!

    @Passinthru: me too, but I think my moving around while hunting has hurt my chances of quality deer in the past, so I'm switching it up now.

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